A Mystical Maelstrom

 email large px-El_Greco_-_The_Ecstasy_of_St_Francis_-_WGA10458When Christ came, it was to announce something that no other religion had ever  taught, nor any other religion taught since. Namely that the ultimate power, the ultimate energy the  infinite source of all creation, is not some impersonal super-power, but infinite love, no,  infinite loving.

Love cannot exist without a lover. Before time began, Christ was the recipient of his Father’s love. He was inextricably caught up in a mystical maelstrom of loving that flowed to and fro between him and his Father  from all eternity.

When human beings love, their love is both physical and spiritual, but God has no body, so he loves with his spirit alone. As a mark of respect therefore, tradition has taught us to call his loving,  The Holy Spirit. Jesus not only came to tell us this, but to enable us to receive this loving for ourselves. So when, after the Ascension he returned to where he had enjoyed his Father’s love before,  he returned not just as a divine being, but as a human being too.

Now  his human being could, and did, become  a transformer capable of converting the powerful voltage of  infinite loving into human loving, in such a way that  it could be transmitted to other human beings.   When  this  love became embodied in human loving   it manifested itself in a remarkable  quality of loving that the world had never seen before. read on…..


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