Reflections on the Resurrection, Cimabue’s Glorification

490px-Cimabue_025 (1)I’d always been ready to poke fun at the culture-vultures who were bussed into Florence to ‘do the city’ in a single day until I found myself in a far worse predicament. I had but three hours in which ‘to do’ the same city while awaiting my connection for Rome. The day was hot and I was tired and felt inclined to curl up in the waiting room to try and make up for the sleep I lost on the train from Brussels, but how would I ever live it down! Somehow I managed to force myself up and out of the station to try and imbibe as much culture as I could in a few hours. By accident rather than design I found myself in the church of La Santa Croce gazing in awe at the works of Giotto. But it wasn’t Giotto who impressed me most but Cimabue, whose stunning crucifixion hung in the apse illuminated by soft ethereal lighting that accentuated the delicate beauty of his masterpiece.  read on …..

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