Holy Communion

As a  person tries to observe the  new commandments by making acts of love through all 409px-Fuente_de_la_Alcachofa_(Retiro,_Madrid)_01 (1)they say and do, they are  gradually able to rise step by step towards journey’s end. Their progress is made possible, because it is made in, with, and through Christ who claimed to be the vital living embodiment of Jacob’s mystical ladder (John1:51). He is The WayThe Truth, and The Life (Jn 14:6). He is  the way to our destination, the Truth who both reveals and  embodies that destination, and the eternal life that constitutes that destination.

The journey stretches from here to eternity where the traveller finally enters into  a profound and ongoing Holy Communion with the One who dwells in the eternal ecstatic joy, that flows from the  mystical  vortex of loving that constitutes God’s very being.  read on

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