From Mystical Premonition to Contemplation

Sometime ago I was speaking about what I called Mystical premonition or touches of Nørre_Alslev_kirke_-_Apsis_-_StifterGod when one of the audience asked “Are we talking about something that is a particularly Christian experience, or does everyone experience God’s touch?”

“It’s for everyone,” I replied emphatically. “God loves everyone, not just Christians, but Christians do respond in a unique way.” Let me explain what I mean. Long before he became a saint, when he was still a pagan, St Augustine experienced those ‘touches of God’. In writing about the way he reacted to them in his Confessions he gives us a perfect example of how we should react too, in order to deepen our spiritual life. read on….


In ancient Athens there was no such thing as taxation. 661px-Saint_John_the_Evangelist_on_Patmos_of_ProtatThere was no income tax, no capital gains tax, no value added tax, no inheritance tax – no tax at all, at least as we know it. I know it all sounds too good to be true, because even Utopians need roads and bridges, civic buildings and public amenities. They need to protect themselves too and armies and navies don’t pay for themselves. So how did they do it? They invented a unique method of public service that expected every citizen to be responsible for financing one major public work once in their lifetime.  read on….