The Beginning of Contemplative prayer

In my last blog I tried to distinguish between true contemplative prayer and its 451px-Doménikos_Theotokópulos_(called_El_Greco)_-_Christ_in_Prayer_-_Google_Art_Projectcounterfeit, but now I want to show how authentic contemplative prayer begins, by describing the prayer that usually precedes it. But before proceeding let me make two important points. Firstly I want to make it clear that contemplation is a pure gift of God. In short it cannot be attained by man-made methods or techniques that promise instant states of transcendental awareness. The whole of the authentic Christian tradition is unanimous about this truth. Secondly that God gives it to those who have proved that they are ready to receive it by the serious way they have persevered in what has been described as ‘ordinary prayer’ for many years.  read on…

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