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There is only one way forward for the serious searcher who wishes to be transformed into Christ in this life, and to share  in something of the life and love that continually flows between  Christ and his Father. The way forward, in the words of St Teresa of Avila, is to pray, and to enter into the profound mystical experience of love unlimited, that alone can bring this union about. “Never be deceived by anyone who tries to point you in another direction,” she insists. Never be deceived by anyone who suggests this can be achieved by instant man-made methods or techniques. The true Christian way takes a lifetime, involving both sorrow and joy, the agony and the ecstasy, the experience of carrying the Cross, as well as experiencing the fruits of the resurrection. There is no other way.

David Torkington is a journalist, author and speaker, who specializes in Prayer, Christian Spirituality and Mystical Theology. His personal spirituality is predominantly Franciscan, his Mystical Theology Carmelite, all welded together with a solid blend of Benedictine moderation. He has sold over 200,000 books in more than twelve different languages. He is at present working on his latest book, Wisdom from the Christian Mystics which will be followed by his autobiography Injured Innocence. When he is not writing, he spends time on his boat on the peaceful Beaulieu river in the New Forest, Hampshire, or in Poole Harbour, Dorset and exploring the Jurassic coast.

When I saw the Light

The Fifth Lenten talk at SS Anselm and Cecilia, London, in two parts.

Part One 

Although my book –‘Wisdom from the Western Isles’, charting the journey from first beginnings to the heights of Mystical Contemplation was selling well, and had received such wonderful reviews, I couldn’t help wondering what it would mean to outsiders, who knew little if anything of the Christian faith. How could I reach these people; after all the Good News of the Gospel is for all, and what I had written was only for the few. These were the thoughts that were going through my mind as I waited for my train on London’s Waterloo station . more…

A Mystical Maelstrom

Summary of the 4th Lenten Talk. SS Anselm and Cecilia, Holborn, London

 When Christ came it was to announce something that no other religion had ever  taught, nor any other religion taught since. Namely that the ultimate power, the ultimate energy the  infinite source of all creation, is not some impersonal super-power, but infinite love, no,  infinite loving. Love cannot exist without a lover. Before time began, Christ was the recipient of his Father’s love. He was inextricably caught up in a mystical maelstrom of loving that flowed to and fro between him and his Father  from all eternity……. read on

The Morning Offering

The Morning Offering

3rd Lenten Lecture 24/03/2014

We know for a fact that the early Christians prayed five times a day, just as Jesus had done with his early disciples. They would rise at midnight to meditate on Christ’s resurrection, so that they would never forget that he was still alive and with them, as he had promised, and that he would be with them to the end of time. This practice wasn’t so unthinkable then as it is today, when most people tended to rise with the sun at dawn and go to bed at sunset.  read more

A Mini History of Christian Spirituality

Second Lenten lecture Summary 17.3.2014 – SS Anselm and Cecilia, London

A Mini History of Christian Spirituality

 With the help of four diagrams!

                                                                    O  /\   =  —-

The theologian Karl Adam summed up early Christian Spirituality  with the words ‘Christ Our Brother’. Imagine it as a circle with Christ at its centre, radiating the infinite love that has been transposed into human loving in his own risen and glorified body. Those who choose to receive it are drawn back into him, to begin the journey back whence they came into the fullness of the Father’s love, (which is the Holy Spirit) that endlessly passes to and from between him and his son. Choosing to receive this love means choosing to observe the first of the New Commandments by loving God in, with, and through Christ. This enables his love to enter, ever more fully into us, so that we can observe the second of the new  commandments, ….read on

Christ our Brother

The theologian Karl Adam summed up early Christian Spirituality  with the words, ‘Christ Our Brother’. Imagine  a circle with Christ at its centre, radiating the infinite love that has been transposed into human loving, in his own risen and glorified body. Those who choose to receive his love are drawn back into him,to begin the journey back whence they came into the fullness of the Father’s love,… read more

Back to the Future

First Lenten lecture Summary 10.3.2014 – SS Anselm and Cecilia, London

Back to the Future

No Temples no Altars

Writing at the beginning of the first century, St Justin delighted in boasting, “We have no temples, we have no altars,”  for Jesus had introduced a new form of worship that needed none of them. For now, as he had promised to the Samaritan woman, the only form of worship that would be acceptable to God would be the new worship ‘in spirit and in truth’ that Jesus himself had practised at every moment of his life on earth……..read more

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